White American

White American

White American is a special slice of weirdness.

Imagine that ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ had been written for ‘Heavy Metal’ magazine and you’ve got a good starting point for what to expect from White American. It’s a classic coming of age story, turned on its ear and shoved to the ground.

Bizarre plastic surgery, heartless colonialism, a pornographic lottery, God gifted supernatural powers, Rooster Liquor, a track meet, toilet powder, Powerblonde Eterni-coifs… White American has a little something for everyone, and a whole lot of sci-fi goodness for those who like their fiction bizarrely inventive.

An adventure spanning 15 decades, 3 continents and 3 generations, White American is both wide ranging and intimate. (And maybe even relatable… if you know a cast of deformed miscreants).

Poignant, funny and a little bit gross, White American is one hell of a novel!

ONLY $5.99 from Double Dragon Publishing